A project of The American Assembly at Columbia University


The Civic Assembly is a process for community dialogue built around Polis—a ‘self-generating’ online survey tool in which participants make and respond to each others statements. Through this process,  communities map areas of agreement and disagreement in ways that help them build on the former and address the latter.

The Bowling Green Civic Assembly
The Bowling Green Report

In February 2018, the residents of the City of Bowling Green and surrounding Warren County, Kentucky, participated in a pilot ‘Civic Assembly’ hosted by The American Assembly and The Bowling Green Daily News.  The first stage was an  was a ‘virtual town hall’ driven by Pol.is–a novel survey tool in which participants respond to statements made by each other. Through the commenting and voting process, the process painted a picture of community concerns and the lines of agreement and disagreement that define them.  These results were then discussed face-to-face, via a town hall and community workshop.

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